About Us


“Katariffique Cattery” came into being thanks to the knowledge I gained from my wonderful friend Judy Rautio, owner of Mauarista Cattery, for thirty-eight years now.  I couldn’t have done this without you…….These past ten years under your wing have been some of the best in my life.  I thank you Judy!

My first cat came into my life when I was five years old.  Such a forsaken little thing, my brother “Bart” had found in the park down the road from our house.  Almost dead she clung to life as the local veterinarian did his best to save her.  She lived, Kit Kitty we called her, what a name.  It was the beginning of my love affair with cats.  We love all animals, but cats are especially dear to my husband and myself.  He enjoys them as much as I do, and normally in the evening you will find at least two on his lap while he watches TV.  Oh, for the record our oldest cat is named “Bart”.  Once a person meets Bart, they never seem to forget him!!

In our Cattery we are proud to say we do a great job raising happy, healthy, clean, and very lovely cats.  They are given free run of our home most of the time, and learn to get along very well with our Sheltie and Papillion.  We continue to make many people happy, which is our goal.  All our cats are CFA Registered, PKD negative through DNA testing at UC Davis, California.  Our cats have never been exposed to FeLV.  It is important for us to  know where our cats/kittens go to live their lives.  Therefore, we do our best to make sure prospective buyers understand the responsibility of owning one of these special sweethearts.

If you are interested in a pet or breeder/show kitten you can e-mail me at Kfrbuddy@yahoo.com.  If you like, you can call me at (937) 426-5596.  We will be producing some beautiful babies in the near future!!

Thank you,

Kathy French,  Katariffique Cattery